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Description:   This is a set of Java APIs that handle common development problems. Provides wrappers to spring, log4J and support power software design patterns like decorators, worker threads, commands, etc.

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Open Global Thermal Nuclear War Open Global Thermal Nuclear War is a strategy nuclear war game loosely based on the nuclear capabilities and politics currently in the world today. Can you avoid the ultimate Game Over before it's to late!

YHXQ Chinese Web Hosting Solution YHXQ Chinese Web Hosting Solution. Include: Virtual Host Control-Panel / Back-End Admin Management / Mid-Night Automatical Self-Management / Serv-U FTP Server Event Listener etc.

Communi Instant Messaging Solution The idea behind communi is a simple and elegant MSN/ICQ style instant messaging solution. Both the official communi server/client implementations are writtein in C#.Net at the current time.

DSOR: a Semantic OSGi Service Solution The OSGi Framework provides service management, but its service registry lacks of non-syntactic information.DSOR is a semantic software solution based on OWL, with software agents in conjunction with Java Annotations and Java Reflection API.

Enterprise WebMail Solution EWMS(Enterprise WebMail Solution) is the intergration of the existing open source softwares such as MailScanner, SquirrelMail, Courier-IMAP and ClamAV. It will be running on CentOS 4 or Redhat Enterprise 4.

Ethernet IP Accounting solution NitPicker is a Ethernet-IP-Accounting Solution.It runs under FreeBSD4.X and uses the BPF-Device (Berkeley Packet Filter) for accessing the raw Ethernet Frames.It figures out the IPtype (TCP,UDP,ICMP,...) and the Flow of any receivedpacket.

Global Domination Global Domination is Network monitoring application that uses the framework for a ZUI front end. Its similar to google maps but allows you to scroll around your network.

KB297684 solution/fix This is a project to solve KB297684 which doesn't solve anything and where the solution causes other problems, smbLAN connections MUST stay alive for network use of outlook mailbag(s) will work reliably.

ROSNF Global Club Directory The Rotarians On Social Networks Fellowship (ROSNF) Global Club Directory (GCD) is an open source Facebook application. Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Interactors on Facebook can add their clubs and their membership to the directory.

Sudoku Solution Sudoku Solution ! A perl script to solve the sudoku problem. Enter the a sudoku puzzle in a text file with 0 or space for each empty area. E.g : 407000009000730015000000080001207000......Run the perl program as : perl a.txt

solsticengine The projects come up to offer a simple and comfortable tool to realize common interactions over http as a framework xml driven.It is written in PHP, using object oriented paradigms and adopting the MVC standard.

somLoad Runtime module (re)loader and (re)linker ( Educational purposes) OpenGL based modular non-intrusive gui Example applications ( an animal species simulator with fuzzy AI is included)

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